Explosive Self Defence System

ESDS has grounding in a great many fighting systems, from the Chinese arts of Yang Lu Chan Taiji and Splashing Hands, through karate and judo.
Top that with years of teaching Police defensive tactics and the real world experience gleaned from decades of working the streets in operational police roles.

ESDS is easily learned and easily retained. More importantly, because of its simplicity and its scenario based training methods; it is also easily recalled in the adrenaline charged turmoil of a real confrontation. Our methods enable people of all ages and sizes to hit hard.
All we do is develop that ability to strike powerfully and assertively, so that in the eventuality that you have to fight, you do so hard and fast; thus the fight ends very quickly, with a minimum of damage to both you and the adversary -in this modern, litigious age that fact alone can be important to a great many people.

The Beginning

Yang lu chan taiji, Splashing hands, judo & karate

Training Yang Lu Chan taiji old style with Master Erle Montaigue
Taiji Instructor since 1993
Black belt 2 dan since 1994

Sensitive Areas of the Human Body
Nerve & pressure points
Open hand methods

Black belt 1 dan
Training Splashing Hands since 1996 with Master James Mc Neil

Open hands methods
Explosive way of performing techniques/methods
Offensive attitude
Conditioning of the body for violent physical contact

Evolution of ESDS

ESDS is based on observation of human behaviour and response to different stimuli such stress, pain, fear, surprise, physical attack.

During almost 30 years Slavo did/arranged/performed different kind of tests to find out the behaviour and rections of test participants to different kind of stimuli.

  • IBR / Instinctive Body Reactions to different kind of attacks. 30 participants/2010
  • Questionarry Open hand vs closed fist 30 participants/2010
  • IBR knife attack / Instinctive Body Reactions defending against knife armed attacker/30 participants/2010
  • Up & down / The way of falling down & safely comming up 200 participants/2021
  • Sensitive Areas test / 30 participants/2018
  • IBR reactions to choke from behind /civilians and police officers/30 participants/2008
  • First response to surprising armed attack/200 participants/ 2019
  • First response to surprising approach. Unarmed attacker/200 participants/2019
  • First response to surpraising approch & verbal aggression/30 participants/police officers/2019
  • First response to surpraising approch & verbal aggression/15 participants/civilians/2018
  • Questionary Police officers regarding the frequency of regular training of police topics 150 participants/2019
  • Up & down/The way of falling down and safe comming up/full equipment/police officers/200 participants/2019
  • Up & down/The way of falling down and safe comming up/full equipment/police officers/30 participants/2019
  • Up & down/The safe way of comming up with a handgun in your hand/200 police officers/full equipment/2019
  • Up & down/The safe way of comming up with a handgun in your hand/30 police officers/full equipment/2019
  • Running with a handgun/toward and away from threath/30 police officers/2008
  • Falling down/forced to the ground/30 participants/2010
  • Sensitive Areas of the body/Hit to the groin/30 participants/2018
  • Dizzy drill/Body reactions when the balance is effected/20 participants/2008
  • Open hand vs closed fist/Prosecutor comments/2008
  • Open hand vs closed fist/Injuries/PD comments/2008

Current day

Concept based teaching:
Cover – Counter – Move

the future

We are dedicated to teach as many people as possible real self defence and give them the ability to survive and protect themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions